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A Transformative Climate & Clean Energy Bill is Now Law of the Land!

Hello Sustainability Heroes!!

First, THANK YOU! Our commitment and advocacy over the years was worth the fight and engagement. We’re still marveling at the fact that Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 – including a transformative climate and clean energy package! This is a massive win and the biggest climate bill in United States history to be passed by Congress, and signed into law. This news is worth celebrating.

It means clean energy wins for ALL of America. This groundbreaking inflation Reduction Act 2022 includes more than $370 billion in climate incentives for clean energy, renewable energy, electric and other clean vehicles, batteries, and clean manufacturing, and the well needed critical investments that advance environmental justice, innovation, and economic growth.

This law is an ambitious and timely investment to address climate change and advance a cleaner economy. It will generate the needed momentum to keep our emissions reduction goals in reach. The bill is expected to produce a 40% reduction by 2030, and it will continue to grow the clean energy economy.

Our team at BlueSphere Partners is delighted to thank President Biden and members of Congress who supported this bill. And it would not have been possible without all of the climate activist’s stalwart engagement and commitment.

We are thankful to the leading companies and investors that pushed for this legislation and help sustain equitable growth in our nation’s economy.

According to Ceres, “more than 2,900 companies with more than $5.1 trillion in annual revenue and more than 400 million global employees have participated in corporate America’s year-long push for federal legislation to invest in clean energy, clean transportation, advanced manufacturing, domestic supply chains, climate resilience, environmental justice, and resilient agriculture.”

Thank you climate herors!!

We’ll be enjoying the weekend by continuing our reading of the 700+ pages of the bill!

Want to join the fun? Get your weekend reading here!

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