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We are committed to helping organizations positively impact the world through customized sustainability strategies and future-minded planning.

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BlueSphere is focused on customized sustainability management solutions. Our work includes:

  • Employee Education & Engagement 

  • Sustainability Planning & Strategy 

  • ESG Assessment & Reporting

  • Climate Action Planning

  • Purpose Strategy & Marketing

  • B-corp Development & Certification

We are committed to creating a more sustainable and inclusive economy and are striving to change the world one company at a time.

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BlueSphere Partners satisfies
all of your sustainability management needs

Whether you're just getting started or already underway with reporting and planning, we can help.

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Our Services

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Need to prepare your organization for sustainability-driven systems change, want help mobilizing your team around your sustainability goals?

Employee Education
& Engagement

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Need a roadmap to start your sustainability journey and better understand your  environmental and social impacts?

Planning & Strategy

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Need to establish a reporting framework, get a baseline assessment or create your annual ESG report?

ESG Assessment
& Reporting


Need help reporting your carbon emissions? Ready for reduction strategies? We can help your organization get to carbon neutral.

Climate Action

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Looking to amplify your organization's mission to better resonate with today's purpose-driven consumers?

Purpose Marketing
& Strategy

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Want objective third-party

certification as one of the

companies best for the world?

B-Corp Development
& Certification

BSP Cities & Municipalities 

BlueSphere Partners is your trusted ally in the journey towards SB1382 compliance, edible food recovery, and zero waste initiatives for Cities & Municipalities. We offer tailored solutions that not only ensure compliance but also accelerate your climate action plan. 

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  SB1382 Compliance - Edible Food Recovery and          Zero Waste Efforts

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Climate Action Plan Acceleration

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Workforce Development

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